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Ashton Kutcher?s Jump Off Is Looking For A Big Payday

Blonde Sara Leal, who reportedly slept with Ashton Kutcher last weekend, is working overtime to cash in on the scandal.

Sources say she?s working with an ex-lover-turned club promoter to sell her story. She?s also in cahoots with a paparazzo who plans to sell staged new ?street? pictures of Leal. ?She gets a cut of whatever [the photos] sell for,? a source said.

Leal has also asked for a six-figure payday from Kutcher to stay quiet about their alleged liaison in San Diego?s Hard Rock Hotel last weekend. She?s been meeting with attorney Keith Davidson, who represented a Betty Ford Clinic worker who filed assault charges against Lindsay Lohan but later dropped them.

Reps for Ashton and wife Demi Moore were mum last night. But Kutcher sounded fed up on Twitter, writing yesterday, ?When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME.?

Photos of Kutcher leaving an LA club with a blonde last June got the Web abuzz yesterday, but sources tell us she?s Austin Dawn, a spokesmodel for one of Kutcher?s tech companies. Moore, who had been here promoting Lifetime?s ?Five,? an anthology of films directed by her and Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Penelope Spheeris and Patty Jenkins, was back in LA but stayed unusually quiet on Twitter.

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David Arquette is dating Joe Francis? ex

Though Courteney Cox is on the Dancing With the Stars sidelines, applauding her ex, David Arquette, the parents of 7-year-old Coco are just friends. There?s another woman cheering David from home, the actor told Howard Stern.

When Stern asked if he was in love, Arquette sheepishly answered, ?I?m really not going to answer that question.?? But it sounds serious. So who is she? New York-based entertainment reporter Christina McLarty, Joe Francis? ex-wife (for a few weeks).

In other couple news: Sharon Osbourne is in wedding planning mode ? for her son. Jack Osbourne and aspiring actress/model Lisa Stelly are engaged. Stelly Tweeted, ?The most amazing man I?ve ever met asked me to marry him … and he wasn?t joking! Crazy, right.? They were dating four months. We?d love to hear Ozzy Osbourne?s toast at the wedding.

And Stacey Dash is a free woman. The Clueless star is single again after nearly two-years of litigation. A California judge has finally granted Dash a divorce from actor Emmanuel Xuereb.

TMZ reports that Dash had been trying to get divorce from Xuereb since January 2010, the same day that she filed a restraining order against him, citing physical abuse.

Dash was granted a restraining order from Xuereb, and now, she is officially single. She and Xuereb didn?t have any children together, but Dash does have two kids from a prior relationship. People

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Rev. Run?s Daughter Angela Simmons Unveils Nude Ads For PETA

Vegetarianism is practically a religion for Angela Simmons.

The “Run’s House” star, clothing designer and daughter of Run-DMC’s Rev Run believes in living a cruelty-free life so much that she posed in next to nothing for the new People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ad campaign.

The ad, which was revealed Tuesday night at a soiree in Manhattan’s Paramount Hotel, features Simmons wearing nothing more than a vine of ivy and some carefully styled hair.

Far from being tawdry, the ad was actually inspired by Simmons’ devout beliefs.

“As a devout Christian, I feel it’s very important to show compassion for all of God’s creations — and adopting a vegetarian diet is the best way to keep innocent animals from suffering,” she said.

You could say that Simmons has vegetarian activism in her blood. Her uncle, Russell Simmons, is also a PETA supporter and an outspoken vegan activist.

Simmons joins a long list of celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, Eva Mendes, Alicia Silverstone, Taraji P. Henson and Khloe Kardashian, who have lent their names and bodies to PETA ads.

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It?s a Boy For Mike Meyers

Its a Boy For Mike Meyers

Mike Meyers and his wife, Kelly Tisdale have welcomed their first child together.

Wait for it… It’s a boy! His very own mini-me! The name:� Spike Meyers!

Meyers and Tisdale tied the knot last fall.

It’s a Boy For Mike Meyers is a post from Celebs Blog

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Rihanna daily: Caught nude in farms, farmer orders her to leave

Here comes sultry Rihanna removing her shirt and throwing off her bra in one of…

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Movie Review | ?Take Shelter?: ?Take Shelter,? With Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain

By Mekado Murphy

Jeff Nichols on ‘Take Shelter’: Jeff Nichols, the writer and director of ?Take Shelter,? discusses his film.

?You?ve got a good life, Curtis,? says Dewart, Curtis?s best friend and co-worker. (Dewart is played by Shea Whigham, Curtis by the amazing Michael Shannon.) ?I think that?s the best compliment you can give a man: take a look at his life and say, ?That?s good.?�?

A sinister corollary to Dewart?s homespun truism might be that the greatest fear a man can experience is that of losing the good life he has. It is this anxiety, which afflicts Curtis in especially virulent form, that defines the mood of ?Take Shelter,? Jeff Nichols?s remarkable new film. It is a quiet, relentless exploration of the latent (and not so latent) terrors that bedevil contemporary American life, a horror movie that will trouble your sleep not with visions of monsters but with a more familiar dread.

We like to think that individually and collectively, we have it pretty good, but it is harder and harder to allay the suspicion that a looming disaster ? economic or environmental, human or divine ? might come along and destroy it all. Normalcy can feel awfully precarious, like a comforting dream blotting out a nightmarish reality.

What if everything that Curtis values were to be suddenly swept away? We are not talking about a life of luxury and ease, but about modest comforts and reasonable expectations: a decent job with health benefits and vacation time, a loving family, a house of your own. Curtis has all of this. He works in heavy construction and comes home to the tidy home he shares with his wife, Samantha (Jessica Chastain), and their daughter, Hannah (Tova Stewart), who is deaf.

Without being a hokey paragon of proletarian virtue ? Mr. Shannon?s scarecrow frame and sharply angled features seem designed to repel sentimentality ? Curtis is clearly a dedicated employee, a loyal friend, a doting husband and a gentle father. This makes the intensity of his terror, and his helpless, potentially destructive reactions to it, all the more alarming.

Curtis, who lives in a stretch of northern Ohio susceptible to tornadoes, has recurring nightmares of a huge, apocalyptic storm. A viscous, brownish rain falls from the sky (?like fresh motor oil,? he says), as funnel clouds gather on the horizon. Shadowy, zombielike figures appear at his windows and rattle his doors, and in one especially scary episode his living room furniture rises into the air and comes crashing to the ground, as he and Hannah cower against a wall.

Are these dreams projections or premonitions? If ?Take Shelter? were ?Inception? or an M. Night Shyamalan brainteaser, it might turn this question into a cinematic puzzle. But while Mr. Nichols employs a handful of tried-and-true (and therefore always persuasive) shock effects to blur the viewer?s sense of reality, there is something at stake beyond formal cleverness. The ambiguity that is so unbearable to Curtis ? the sense that he might be losing his mind and also receiving omens of impending disaster ? is crucial to the film?s logic.

Curtis is a practical, thoughtful type of guy, and his two-fold response to his bad dreams reflects this aspect of his temperament. (Dewart is much more of a hothead, and if you met them both at a bar, you would think he was the crazy one, not Curtis). Troubled by a family history of mental illness ? his mother (Kathy Baker) was institutionalized in her 30s and now lives in an assisted-living center ? Curtis checks psychology books out of the library and presents a therapist with a plausible self-diagnosis.

But at the same time, he goes to great expense to expand the storm shelter in his backyard, borrowing heavy equipment from work and a lot of money from the bank. Curtis believes that he is delusional, but he also believes in his visions. At a certain level of realism ? assuming, that is, that you interpret ?Take Shelter? as a film about a man struggling with a psychological disorder ? this is an important insight into a painful paradox of mental illness that rarely shows up in movies. Curtis suspects that he is sick, and is both ashamed of his condition and determined to seek treatment. But at the same time he cannot shake the conviction that his fears have meaning.

He is hardly a wild-eyed prophet on the street corner, screaming that the end is near. His diffidence makes his desperation especially painful, and his increasingly strange behavior is made more unsettling by his generally calm demeanor. Mr. Shannon?s taciturn, haunted performance manages to be both heartbreaking and terrifying. You feel sorry for this guy, even as you want to run in the other direction.

In trying to protect himself and his family from whatever it is that he believes is coming, Curtis risks making his fears come true, putting his job, his marriage and his daughter?s well-being in jeopardy. And in showing the potential dispossession of a working-class family, Mr. Nichols, without banging a topical drum, points toward a social catastrophe that is all too real.

Is Curtis mad, or is he prescient? You can debate this question when the movie is over ? the brilliant final scene invites as much ? but you are unlikely to find a comfortable answer. The real question is what difference it makes. Mr. Nichols, who scrutinized a different kind of masculine anxiety in his first film, ?Shotgun Stories? (also starring Mr. Shannon), is too smart and too sober a filmmaker for that, and in ?Take Shelter? he has made a perfect allegory for a panicky time. There is no shortage of delusion and paranoia out there in the world. There is also a lot to be afraid of.

?Take Shelter? is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). Children will hear some bad words, while grown-ups confront their own deepest fears.


Opens on Friday in New York and Los Angeles.

Written and directed by Jeff Nichols; director of photography, Adam Stone; edited by Parke Gregg; music by David Wingo; production design by Chad Keith; costumes by Karen Malecki; produced by Tyler Davidson and Sophia Lin; released by Sony Pictures Classics. Running time: 2 hours.

WITH: Michael Shannon (Curtis), Jessica Chastain (Samantha), Shea Whigham (Dewart), Katy Mixon (Nat), Ray McKinnon (Kyle), LisaGay Hamilton (Kendra), Robert Longstreet (Jim) and Kathy Baker (Sarah).

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Welcome, Spike! Mike Myers is a dad

Mike Meyers and Kelly Tisdale welcomed baby Spike into their family two weeks ago.

Jim Spellman, WireImage

Mike Meyers and Kelly Tisdale welcomed baby Spike into their family two weeks ago.

Yeah, baby!

“Austin Powers” star Mike Myers, 47, and wife Kelly Tisdale have welcomed a baby boy into the world, Life & Style magazine reports.

“The baby is named Spike and was born two weeks ago,” a source revealed to the mag.


No other details about the birth have yet been made public.

Meyers and Tisdale, who co-owns a trendy Manhattan tea shop and caf� with ex-boyfriend Moby, began dating in 2006 after Meyers ended his 12-year marriage to actress Robin Ruzan.

Last year, the couple wed in a secret ceremony with family and friends.


Baby Spike isn’t the only development for Meyers. After nearly a decade, he’s reportedly signed onto a fourth “Austin Powers” movie.

“Things are on track,” Myers told Life & Style, referring to the sequel that’s set to be released in 2013.

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Imogen Thomas needs no excuse to strip to a bikini top and miniskirt

By Sarah Bull

Last updated at 5:27 PM on 29th September 2011

She’s been showing off her figure in sports bras and tiny shorts for her Bikram yoga classes in recent weeks.

So it’s no wonder that when the first rays of sunshine came breaking through the clouds in London today, former Big Brother star Imogen Thomas was one of the first to strip off and make the most of the warm weather.

The 28-year-old star was spotted wearing a polka dot bikini top and tiny denim miniskirt as she strolled along the streets of London carrying her top.

It's not that hot! Imogen Thomas made the most of the London sunshine by wearing a red polka dot bikini top and denim miniskirt

It’s not that hot! Imogen Thomas made the most of the London sunshine by wearing a red polka dot bikini top and denim miniskirt

Imogen wrote on her Twitter page: ‘Wow london is so hot hot hot! Phewwww!!!’

Curves: Imogen needed no excuse to strip off

Curves: Imogen needed no excuse to strip off

The TV presenter was enjoying a relaxing day after attending the Rock Of Ages gala night at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre the night before.

Despite having attended regular yoga classes, Imogen told her followers on Twitter that she has been putting on weight in recent weeks.

When someone said she was looking too skinny, Imogen replied: ‘Really? I’ve put on weight since america.’

She later told another fan: ‘I can’t get skinny I love my food way too much!’

Imogen no doubt attracted a few men as she strolled along in her sexy get-up this afternoon.

And it was recently reported that Imogen’s curves have caught the attention of one reality TV star in particular – The Only Way Is Essex’s Mark Wright.

A source told The Sun: ‘Mark is more keen on Imogen than she is on him.

‘He has been sending her text messages since he split with Lauren Goodger last month.

‘Now he’s gone one further by sending her X-rated picture messages too. Imogen likes him but has a few blokes on the go, so Mark wants to win her over.’

Busy girl: Imogen last night attended the gala night of new musical Rock Of Ages and earlier this week went to the launch of Adee Phelan’s new salon in Birmingham

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Nigel Kennedy: ?Mum used to get drunk and tell me I was rubbish?

By Nicole Lampert

Last updated at 2:11 AM on 30th September 2011

The time may be 4pm when I arrive at Nigel Kennedy?s slightly ramshackle North London house, but he has only just woken up.

?It was a bit of a night jamming with friends, man,? he says rubbing the sleep from his� eyes, while simultaneously trying to find room on the kitchen table, which is covered with papers, plates and discarded food.

?F**ing great,? he exclaims, as his wife hands him a cup of tea.

This is so clich� Kennedy that it is almost laughable. At 54, the violinist may no longer be the enfant terrible of the classical world, but he still has the punk rock attitude and much-derided mockney accent.

Legend: Nigel Kennedy is one of the world's leading violin virtuosos, but his parent's cruelty made him a nervous wreck

Legend: Nigel Kennedy is one of the world’s leading violin virtuosos, but his parent’s cruelty made him a nervous wreck

Since his arrival on the classical music scene in 1989 with his version of Vivaldi?s Four Seasons – one of the most successful classical albums ever, with two million copies sold – Nigel has been sneered at.

Classical purists will probably sneer again at his latest effort – a self-penned response to the Vivaldi masterpiece – regardless of how good it is or how many people buy it.

Sir John Drummond, for example, was one such purist. He was director of the BBC Proms when Nigel arrived on the scene and compared him to Liberace, criticising his ?ludicrous clothes and grotesque, self-invented accent?.

It hurt. For all his naughty words and defiance, Nigel is a sensitive and shy man.

?What really upset people in the classical world was that I had sold so many albums; to them that meant I must be s***. It was like a crime to do well,? he says.

?They don?t know what good music is. They are fascists, trying to control what people look like and how they play. I won?t be told. People want to control me.?

Tortured genius: Kennedy with his disapproving mother

Tortured genius: Kennedy with his disapproving mother

This rebellion stems from his earliest days. His father, John Kennedy, lead cellist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, abandoned his pianist mother Scylla Stoner when she was pregnant, moving to Australia.

Nigel inherited a precocious musical talent and, aged just seven, was sent to board at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey. ?I did find it difficult,? he says. ?And for a long time I resented my mum for sending me there.?

Legendary violinist Menuhin was a mentor ? he even paid Nigel?s fees. But they later fell out. ?He was disappointed I wasn?t going to become a Yehudi Menuhin clone,? says Nigel.

He later studied� in New York where he was invited to play at Carnegie Hall by jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli.

His� teachers said no classical record label would touch him if he did. He did it anyway and got signed by EMI.

While there, he came up with the idea of doing the Four Seasons; recognising that the 12 short tracks ?fitted into a pop format?.

And he was surprised at who became his biggest critic after this ? his mother. He reveals that Scylla, who died two years ago, was so disparaging he banned her from� his concerts.

?She used to come and criticise everything I did and it wound me up,? he says. ?She would not just insult me, but also my fellow musicians. She would come backstage and say [he puts on a plummy accent] ?Oh, he?s not great and you?re not great? in front of my friends. She would tell me it was s*** and I needed to work harder.

?She and my stepfather would get drunk in my dressing room and slag everyone off. I was more worried about what would happen after the show than the performance itself.?

Even at the height of his success, his mother refused to back him. ?I gave her one of my gold records and she put it in the attic. She didn?t want anyone seeing it,? he says.

But, amazingly, he also defends her.

Virtuoso: At 7 years old Kennedy was a violin sensation. Legendary violinist Menuhin was a mentorand even paid the violinist�s fees

Virtuoso: At 7 years old Kennedy was a violin sensation. Legendary violinist Menuhin was a mentorand even paid the violinist�s fees

?I wish she could have relaxed, but she was always worrying that I wouldn?t have a career,? he says.

?Even when I was selling millions of records she thought I hadn?t made it. She never liked me bringing music to everybody.?

His father was little better. ?He came over to see me only twice. When I was growing up he never gave my mother more than� �5 a month. But he came to one of my gigs and started telling me how to play. ?I thought: ?What the f*** is he doing coming here after playing no part in bringing me up and telling me how to play.?

?I liked him and he was a talented cellist, but he was also an alcoholic.?

Changing his accent was perhaps a way of making sure Nigel� escaped the clutches of his parents. He was brought up to speak well by his aspirational mother.

?It became a bit of an obsession with her and it turned me off the whole concept,? he says. ?There were people I admired ? jazz musicians who represented another world outside the poncey classical world ? and I possibly latched on to their accents.?

When he was signed by EMI he dressed the part until he left his clothes in the wrong city.

?I was living in New York but playing a concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London and didn?t have any clothes to wear,? he says.

?One of the few places open on a Sunday then was Camden Market so I got some semi-punk outfits because that was all they sold.?

Punk genius: Fans thought the scruffy look was part of Kennedy's refreshing approach to classical music

Punk genius: Fans thought the scruffy look was part of Kennedy’s refreshing approach to classical music

Fans thought the look was part of his refreshing approach to classical music, and the clothes stayed. While he is a good boy now ? he has been married to Polish wife Agnieszka for more than a decade and has a 14-year-old son from a previous relationship ? he concedes this wasn?t always the case.

Success brought a steady stream of women admirers.

?It wasn?t quite every night,? he says. ?But there are a lot whose names I can?t remember.?

He admits taking drugs. Last year a party he hosted in Germany was busted by police who claimed to have found drug paraphernalia.

?I?ve always enjoyed cannabis,? he says. ?For me and a lot of my friends it is a way of winding down after a gig.

?I don?t do anything harder now, but I did in my younger days. I used to really admire some of the musicians who did harder drugs.?

He says the music of The Beatles and legendary jazz musician John Coltrane was phenomenal, but adds: ?Looking at how long some of these people lived, you wonder if they paid the price.?

Nigel Kennedy?s Four Elements on Sony Classical is released this week.

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Orlando Bloom can?t hide his joy as he is reunited with baby son Flynn in London

By Georgina Littlejohn

Last updated at 1:48 PM on 29th September 2011

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are definitely a jetsetting couple, spending time travelling around the world for various work commitments.

But one of the downsides of being such a famous couple is that they have to split their time with their eight-month-old son Flynn.

So it was no surprise Orlando Bloom couldn’t hide his joy as he was reunited with Flynn at Heathrow Airport in London after Miranda returned with her son from a trip to America and Europe.

There’s my boy! Orlando Bloom looked delighted to be reunited with son Flynn as he held him up in the air and then gave him a kiss

Come here! Orlando couldn't hide his joy at being reunited with his little boy, and pulled the baby in for a huge hug

Come here! Orlando couldn’t hide his joy at being reunited with his little boy, and pulled the baby in for a huge hug

Delighted to seen his bonny baby, Orlando playfully lifted Flynn, who looked cute in a striped all-in-one, into the air, causing the baby to burst into laughter.

Bringing him back down to his level, Orlando pulled little Flynn in for a big hug and kiss.

Despite only being eight months old, Flynn is already quite a little jetsetter, having already travelled to his mother’s home country of Australia, and to America.

Feeling weary? Orlando and wife Miranda Kerr looked slightly tired as they arrived in Paris yesterday

Feeling weary? Orlando and wife Miranda Kerr looked slightly tired as they arrived in Paris yesterday

But Flynn didn’t even have time to settle in London before he was being taken to France with his parents.

The family were spotted looking slightly tired as they arrived in Paris yesterday.

However, after a good night’s sleep, Miranda was back in fine form, and showed off her incredible figure in a tiny leather skirt as she fitted in some retail therapy in the French capital.

Fine form: But, after a quick sleep, Miranda was back on form, showing off her long legs as she shopped in Paris

Fine form: But, after a quick sleep, Miranda was back on form, showing off her long legs as she shopped in Paris

Sexy and slender: Miranda’s height and slim figure were highlighted by the short skirt and high heels as she headed for Chanel

Me and the boys: Miranda was joined by a couple of male friends - possibly her stylists - on the shopping spree

Me and the boys: Miranda was joined by a couple of male friends – possibly her stylists – on the shopping spree

The Victoria’s Secret star was snapped walking through the Parisian streets with a couple of male friends, possibly her assistants, possibly her stylists.

Miranda, 28, was snapped along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honor�, considered to be Paris’s, if not the world’s, most fashionable street.

Every global fashion house has a store along the street and Miranda made the most of the fashions on offer as she popped into Chanel and was seen outside Lanvin.

Miranda is in Paris for the city’s Fashion Week, which started today, and follows on from London and New York.

Which way to the car? Orlando puts a protective arm around Miranda as they make their way across the airport car park

Which way to the car? Orlando puts a protective arm around Miranda as they make their way across the airport car park

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Minka Kelly?s homeless uncle pleads for help

Minka Kelly, the 'Charlie's Angels' star, has a homeless uncle begging for her sympathy.

Frazer Harrison/Getty

Minka Kelly, the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star, has a homeless uncle begging for her sympathy.

The relative of one “Charlie’s Angels” star is hoping to have his prayers answered.

Michael Millhollin has been living on the streets since 2008, and he’d be any other homeless person if it wasn’t for the fact that “Charlie’s Angels” star Minka Kelly is his niece.

Now he’s pleading for help from Kelly, 31.

“I’m not expecting a lot from Minka, maybe a little sympathy,” he told Star magazine.


Millhollin is the brother of Kelly’s late mother, Maureen Kelly, and he explained the strained relationship the family has had over the years.

“I’ve heard that Minka made it known that the family abandoned her and her mom,” Millhollin said to the magazine. “I don’t know if it was abandonment or just tough love.”

Kelly’s uncle also cited her mother’s work as a stripper as a reason for familial discord.


“Maureen always had problems managing money,” he said. “It was either spent frivolously or on drugs. She was a druggie.”

Millhollin claims that after revealing to Kelly “all the things Maureen had done,” she reacted by cutting all contact with him.

The silent treatment was so intense that even when Kelly’s mother passed away from colon cancer in 2008 she allegedly withheld the dramatic news from her family.

“We found out six months later and were furious,” says Millhollin.

And it doesn’t seem like things are going to change any time soon; Kelly has yet to respond to her uncle’s plea.

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?Suburgatory? is probably your worst nightmare. So is it worth watching?


Image Credit: Karen Neal/ABC

With 2 Broke Girls and New Girl already making a splash in the ratings, it was due time for ABC to debut its own smart-yet-adorable lady-led sitcom. Suburgatory,�if you can?t tell by the title, is a classic fish-out-of-water story about a Lower Manhattan teenager�who (unwillingly) upends her life to the suburbs. She encounters a disturbing non-variety of identical platinum blonde nympho-moms and pink-wearing, Sugarfree Redbull-drinking teens. The only thing more dead than their eyes is their souls. Or so she thinks.

It?s a very familiar scenario (Hello, Mean Girls!). After he found condoms in her drawer, Tessa?s dad George (Jeremy Sisto) panicked and bought a house in a fictional wealthy suburb outside of�the city. The neighbors are nosy, the streets are quiet, and the women are an absolute nightmare for the Daria-reincarnate Tessa. ?Pretty ironic that a box full of rubbers landed me in a town full of plastic,? she said.

Much of last night?s premiere focused on Tessa?s first day of school, and her eye-roll reactions to the zoo creatures she encountered. Most notable was Dalia (Carly Chaikin), the vapid queen bee bully who showed Tessa around the school as her designated buddy. ?Buddies are not your friends,? she explained.

While Tessa struggled at school, George faced some shocking realities of his own. First and foremost, his friend Noah (Alan Tudyk) told the handsome single father that he was already a hot commodity for the lonely moms in town. He also met Dalia?s mom Dallas (Cheryl Hines), who woke him up to the fact that maybe his combat boots-wearing daughter might benefit from a ?nice heterosexual dress shoe.? The whole thing ended in a hilarious mall sequence that found Tessa shopping for skimpy pink micro-minis along with Dalia and Dallas. ?You know what else that will show off?? Tessa said. ?Your vagina.? Oh, Tessa. If only Snooki had your sartorial wisdom.

The ?isn?t suburbia crazy?? gags were plentiful last night. There was even a scene where a country club woman fell into a pool (texting) and instantly floated (still texting) because of her silicone-enhanced chest. Some of the jokes hit the mark, but the show won?t last if they focus too much on that ridiculata.�We� need to see these suburbanites as more than just one-dimensional stereotypes, or the joke will get old really fast. Luckily Hines? bimbonic, outwardly ridiculous but ultimately charming character gave me hope that it won?t happen. Sisto and Tudyk are also very capable actors, and newcomer Levy seems to have the chops to carry this show.

I?ll certainly be tuning in next week, PopWatchers. What do you think? Will this adequately fill the devastating Cougar Town void? Six seasons and a movie?


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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Casey Anthony Hopes To ?Someday Redeem Herself?

Casey Anthony Hopes To 'Someday Redeem Herself'

Belvin Perry and Casey Anthony

Red Huber/Reuters/Landov (2)

A week after her psychological treatment began, Casey Anthony is doing “well,” according to a source close to her, who adds, “She hopes she will someday redeem herself and live a productive life.”

The public, meanwhile, may get to see another side of the infamous Florida resident. In court on Wednesday, a media organization argued for the release of a jailhouse video of Casey watching TV news reports saying police found remains, which turned out to be her missing daughter, 2-year-old Caylee.

According to detectives, Anthony doubled over and hyperventilated before asking for a sedative in the video.

Her reaction is striking because the remains had not yet been identified. Did she know the remains belonged to Caylee?

The tape was sealed by a judge in 2009, after he said it would be “inflammatory” and prejudicial to a jury. Now that the trial is over ? and Anthony has been acquitted of murder ? several media outlets say that the video should become public record.

Judge Perry is expected to rule on the matter this week.

For more on Casey Anthony’s true-crime drama, based on PEOPLE’s unparalleled access at key moments of the case, buy PEOPLE’s book Outrage, available now at Latest News

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Fall TV season: Surprises from A to Z

The results of the first couple of weeks of the fall TV season are in, and there are some surprises.

For the first time in its 25-year history, Fox won premiere week among young adults, which cements the network’s dominance in the main demographic that drives ad spending and programming decisions across the industry. It looks like it has a good shot at taking the second week as well, thanks in part to a youth-oriented sitcom sleeper hit, “New Girl,” with Zooey Deschanel ? already the first new show to get a full-season order. In recent years, the network has struggled to find fall hits and typically had to wait until “American Idol” opened for business in January to start piling up the big numbers.

Another shocker? Some guy named Ashton Kutcher is apparently more popular than many people realized. The actor’s heavily publicized debut on “Two and a Half Men” ? replacing the fired Charlie Sheen ? drew a record 28.7 million viewers, and the audience declined much less than many expected for the second episode Monday, with 20.5 million tuning in.

Except for NBC ? crushed in its worst opening week ever ? every network had at least a couple of early, modest successes to point to, including ABC’s trashy soap “Revenge” and Jet Age caper “Pan Am,” CBS’ procedural “Unforgettable” and even Fox’s Simon Cowell-produced “The X Factor,” which boosted the network’s position relative to last year ? even with much lower-than-anticipated ratings.

“A lot of people are still coming to broadcast television ? and are sampling a lot of the new shows and coming back to some of their favorites,” said Preston Beckman, Fox’s scheduling chief. Though network TV remains under attack from cable and online rivals, he added, “it still delivers more eyeballs than any other platform.”

“Two and a Half Men” provided a startling demonstration of that power. Even though the tabloid drama surrounding Sheen’s meltdown earlier this year all but guaranteed some extra tune-in for the show’s return with a new costar, few predicted the Season 9 premiere would more than double last season’s average. The episode drew a 25 share of the 18-to-49-year-old audience that advertisers seek ? a figure almost never seen for scripted entertainment these days, and a huge victory for CBS and studio Warner Bros., vindicated in their decision to bring back the show after Sheen’s meltdown.

“Men” was so powerful that it muscled viewers away from “Dancing With the Stars,” which ABC was hoping would draw big numbers for a new cast that included Chaz Bono, the show’s first transgender contestant, and cable host Nancy Grace.

“Those CBS numbers on Monday were huge,” said Jeff Bader, who oversees scheduling for ABC. “The audience, I think a lot of it came from us.”

CBS executives won’t say where they think “Men” might end up settling this season. But “maybe there’s a little more gas in the tank than people would’ve thought,” said scheduling chief Kelly Kahl.

Elsewhere, CBS ? which remains the most-watched network among all viewers ?- helped balance its Tuesday schedule with “Unforgettable,” a procedural about a detective with a rare ability to remember every day of her life. The show is skewing somewhat younger compared with the legal drama it replaced, “The Good Wife,” which moved to Sundays, Kahl said.

Fox, meanwhile, may have had its victory party tempered by promising too much. A good deal of early analysis has treated both “X Factor” ? the singing competition overseen by Cowell ? and the dinosaur epic “Terra Nova” as disappointments, if only because the publicity campaigns and ratings hopes were so keen.

But both those shows helped Fox soar 31% in the 18-to-49 demographic compared with last year’s premiere week, and that made all the difference: Indeed, it was the only network to show any growth (ABC was flat; CBS and NBC were down).

Another key advantage for Fox: It doesn’t offer network programming in the 10 p.m. hour, typically a depot for scripted dramas. Those shows have lately had a difficult time scraping together enough viewers to satisfy network executives.

ABC has defied that trend this season, at least so far. “Revenge” and “Pan Am” performed surprisingly well in their 10 p.m. slots. In the case of “Pan Am,” pairing it with an iconic show entering its final season may have helped.

“Women are the core audience for ABC and ‘Pan Am’” ? which focuses on a time when flight attendants were still known as stewardesses ? “obviously has a natural appeal for women,” Bader said. ” ‘Desperate Housewives’ was the perfect lead-in for it, and it’s on a night where the main competition is football.”

The network that most needed a hit, of course, was the one that did not find one: NBC.

Mired in fourth place for years ? and under a new owner, cable giant Comcast ? the once-mighty network watched virtually its entire new lineup implode: the ’60s flashback “The Playboy Club,” the crime drama “Prime Suspect” and the comedy “Free Agents.” Only “Up All Night,” a comedy about young parents, showed some promise.

A close look at the numbers reveals the depth of NBC’s woes. The network has a perilously unbalanced schedule and is almost entirely dependent on its popular Sunday NFL games for ratings. In fact, Sunday was the only night that NBC averaged above a 3.0 rating among 18-to-49-year-olds. ABC, CBS and Fox each had three nights that crossed that threshold. Without football, NBC’s 2.6 average rating for premiere week would have dipped to an alarming 1.8, or a little more than half Fox’s tally. And without football is what NBC will be come January.

Of course, a couple of weeks do not tell the story of an entire season, and executives have yet to roll out everything. Next month will see premieres for, among others, ABC’s “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen (Oct. 11), NBC’s fantasy “Grimm” (Oct. 21) and Fox’s animated comedy “Allen Gregory” (Oct. 30).

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Jessica Simpson wedding put on hold

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson got engaged last November after six months of dating.

Sara Jaye Weiss for News

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson got engaged last November after six months of dating.

Jessica Simpson is in no rush to say “I do.”

Despite previously planning to walk down the aisle by end of year, the singer-turned-designer has put her wedding to fiance Eric Johnson on hold.

“Everything is up in the air,” a source told Us Weekly. “She can’t figure out what kind of day she wants. Some days she wants a big wedding in Hawaii, then other days she wants something closer to home.”

Simpson, 31, and Johnson, 32, got engaged last November after six months of dating.


The “Fashion Star” mentor’s indecisiveness to choose a wedding venue may not be the only concern, however.

“She was so gung ho about planning their wedding, and now she’s gone dark,” a friend said. “She won’t commit to a date.”

But instead of the bride having cold feet, some speculate Simpson is actually putting wedding plans on hold for some bigger news.

According to In Touch, the blond beauty is expecting her first child.

“She’s the happiest she’s ever been,” an insider told the mag, adding that a doctor confirmed the happy news on Sept. 19.


Simpson was reportedly so shocked when she first learned she was expecting via a home pregnancy test earlier this month, she took nine more tests to make sure.

“When the first test came back positive, she called a close friend and asked her to buy several more tests and rush them over,” the friend said.

“She’s already having kooky cravings ? which satisfy her urge for salty and sweet,” the friend added, listing nacho chips dipped in chocolate, cheese-flavored popcorn and non-alcoholic margaritas among Simpson’s current favorites.

As for Johnson, he is said to be thrilled he’s going to be a father.

“He told her he wasn’t happy ? he was ecstatic beyond words,” the friend said.

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?DWTS?: Elisabetta Ponders Whether George Clooney Voted

‘DWTS’: Elisabetta Ponders Whether George Clooney Voted

Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy of ‘DWTS’ (Photo: ABC)

Elisabetta Canalis doesn?t exactly plan to continue dancing after being the second contestant booted from ?Dancing with the Stars? Tuesday night. Instead, the Italian model/TV host best known for dating George Clooney plans to resume another hobby she?s more adept at.

?Right now, I?m going back to horseback riding,? she said, laughing and smiling to reporters just moments after getting the axe. Whether that will be horseback riding in California or back to her homeland is undecided. ?I don?t know, really,? she said of her plans. ?If ?Dancing with the Stars? will bring me new opportunities, I?ll be happy.?

Watch This Week?s Performances:

Here?s what else Elisabetta had to say after her elimination?

How do you feel?
Elisabetta Canalis: I?m sad, of course, because for me, it was a good experience. I?m having fun. It was a good opportunity. I really cared about this competition, but it?s a competition so somebody has to go home and tonight we went home.

Why do you think you went home?
Val Chmerkovskiy: You want the politically correct take? No, the truth is I feel like yesterday the judges kind of dropped the ball on the marks. We did show improvement and I was really happy with our result. But then they gave that result to five other couples and that killed it. There was not enough space between us, you know, when it comes down to David Arquette and Chaz Bono, as much as Elisabetta was amazing, the press that they get and the popularity and fan base that they have in America, we can?t complete with that.
Elisabetta: Yes, yes.

Would you want to come back next season, Val, and redeem yourself?
Val: I love the experience, but I am very open to many new doors that will open for me and I?m excited about everything. I want to work, I want to stay busy.

What was the hardest part for you?
Elisabetta: The rhythm of the rehearsals, the adrenaline of the competition?

What have you learned most about yourself?
Elisabetta: That I have to be more diplomatic sometimes, especially when I?m learning.

Val to Elisabetta: Do you think George Clooney voted?
Elisabetta: I don?t know ? [laughs] No, I don?t know, I think, I don?t think anything [laughs].

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Co-Stars Who (Allegedly) Had Affairs On Set

Costars Affairs

NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 13: Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig attend a private screening of ‘Enduring Love’ at the MGM screening room September 13, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Bowers/Getty Images)


In this Friday’s ‘Dream House,’ Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz play a married couple who move into a creepy, mysterious house where a series of grisly murd… honestly, more people are talking about what happened behind-the-scenes of ‘Dream House.’ In November of last year, Weisz split with longtime fiance (and father to her son) director Darren Aronoskfy; by Christmas, it was reported that she was now dating her ‘Dream House’ husband; in June, life imitated art, and the two were married in a private ceremony.

Read the whole story: Moviefone

In this Friday’s ‘Dream House,’ Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz play a married couple who move into a creepy, mysterious house where a series of grisly murd… honestly, more people are talking about wh…

In this Friday’s ‘Dream House,’ Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz play a married couple who move into a creepy, mysterious house where a series of grisly murd… honestly, more people are talking about wh…


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Star Spotting: Amber Rose In Crazy Robot Sunglasses, Still Hot

Credit: Pacific Coast News

It’s not easy being Amber Rose, guys. Not only is she drop dead GORG, but she has a ton of potential hip-hop suitors to choose from AND her sunglasses drawer is like, overflowing. Those are HARD and IMPORTANT decisions to make. How does she ever know she’s making the right ones?!

But Wiz Khalifa’s girlfriend somehow finds the strength to get out of bed everyday, as she did recently when she was snapped strolling through NYC. She was spotted in the fliest jacket we’ve ever seen, tight skinnies, nude suede thigh-high boots (like she has any others in her closet?), and some robot/steampunk sunglasses which she may or may not have designed herself. And you feel like you stand out when your hair stylist goes a level lighter with your highlights? LOL.

On the real tip though, if Amber and Wiz Khalifa get married, do you think “Black tie; must wear sunglasses” will be on the invite? Coolest. Wedding party. Ever.

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?How to Be a Gentleman,? premiering Thursday on CBS

LOS ANGELES — “I am one of the last of my kind,” says etiquette columnist Andrew Carlson (David Hornsby) at the very top of “How to Be a Gentleman,” a new series from CBS, where all comedies are multi-camera comedies, as in days of old, when “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” ruled the air. “I open the door for ladies, but I am not a doorman … I put out cigarettes, but I am not a cigarette putter-out man.”

What Andrew is is a throwback, an etiquette columnist at a magazine that under new ownership is downgrading from GQ to Maxim. “They want to expand the readership by targeting people who don’t read,” says editor Dave Foley, who had thought briefly of resisting, “but then I remembered I’m 50. So I decided I’m actually very, very excited about the new direction.”

Created by Hornsby (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), the series, which premieres Thursday, is based on John Bridges’ 1998 “How to Be a Gentleman: A Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy” – not some comical takedown of modern manners but an actual book of etiquette. Still, the word “gentleman” itself is nowadays difficult to utter without at least a hint of irony, and to judge by the pilot, this will be more of a show about bending rules than living by them.

“You’re fussy, you talk weird and you dress like a ship’s captain,” sister Janet, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub, tells him; it’s as if he had grown up with Niles Crane as a role model. Charged with writing copy that will appeal to readers “in their mid- to late 30s acting like they’re 15,” he follows a series of plot points that leads him to Kevin Dillon’s Bert Lansing, the old high school torturer who is about to become his friend and guide to the lower circles of modern culture and a less refined yet more active way of being.

Snob and slob, they could not be more of a Felix and Oscar were Neil Simon chained to a chair in the writers room. But that is an armature that will be reused until the sun explodes; indeed, it’s the template for the network’s biggest comedy, “Two and a Half Men,” both in its new and classic flavors, and for its other new fall sitcom, “2 Broke Girls,” as well.

I’ve watched the pilot possibly too many times not to notice how the parts have been glued together and the jokes teed up, but the performances are good. Hornsby’s might be the least of them, but he’s surrounded himself with what strikes me as a sort of alt-TV supergroup.

As on “Entourage,” Dillon pulls the focus toward himself; he’s a cartoon but recognizably human underneath, and funny in a whole-body sort of way. At the very least, this is the show that has kept Rhys Darby, who was manager Murray on “Flight of the Conchords,” on American television; as Andrew’s cowed but cheerful brother-in-law, he provides the random weirdness that keeps the show from becoming too schematic. And there’s that New Zealand accent:

“I love how you say words, Mike,” Nancy Lenehan, as Andrew’s mother, tells him. “Oh, remember the time you said ‘chimichanga.’”

“We laughed.” And I did, too, then.


Where: CBS

When: 8:30 p.m. EDT Thursday

Rating: TV-PG-DL (may be unsuitable for young children with advisories for suggestive dialogue and coarse language)

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Shinan: Sweet and Lowe

George Stroumboulopoulos is back, on a roll, at the top of his game, and just spilling over with compliments for Rob Lowe.

You?re not what some ?people would call unattractive,? the CBCer was telling the St. Elmo?s Fire star a good many years after St. Elmo?s Fire ? though who could tell by Lowe?s incontrovertible Dorian Gray-ness.

?You haven?t aged much,? Strombo continued on the set of his show, doing his darndest to keep the interrogation as hey-dude-professional as possible. ?It?s almost like you won the genetic lottery.?

To which the 47-year-old pretty boy had the only answer that?s suitable in such bromantic situations: ?The truth is, I?m actually 100.?

Some of us must rely on the capriciousness of time, not Lowe-like DNA, and so it was when I ran into the Season 6 Strombo ? how time flies when we?re making TV! ? during the recent Toronto filmfest. This was some days after the career talker had hosted his annual TIFF blow-out at The Hazelton ? Lowe had shown up, along with the likes of Kiefer Sutherland, Woody Harrelson and oh so many others.

This was during the end-of-fest party hosted at La Soci�t�, on Bloor, by kindred spirit Ben Mulroney. Strombo politely acceded that he was a size or so smaller than he was when he last left us in TV-land, and it was because of a whole new diet. Vegan. Or at least vegan-ish.

?I wouldn?t call myself vegan,? the gaunter Strombo told me, careful not to appropriate a food self-definition that can often be loaded.

No meat, anyways. And certainly no dairy ? ?dairy?s evil,? he said, plopping down in a booth ? and, well, no booze. (Although, that ain?t new. It?s been years since he was into any of that.)

As a mob of CanCon animals paraded around us ? such as those TV fluffers, Colin and Justin, and those TV realtors, Drew and Jonathan ? Strombo was Strombo, and promptly took the piss out of his own solemn message when he said, ?If the 15-year-old me could see me now, he?d be disgusted.?

P.S. Strombo?s meet-cute with Lowe can be found on, as can all of his new season?s interviews, varying as they are from Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, to Olivia Chow to Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman.

Scene! Heard!
Where to head after all that verbal tussling, and the disposition of such lines as, ?I think very few people are completely normal, deep down in their private lives,? quote, unquote, fabulous quote? Well, for beauties Kim Cattrall and Paul Gross ? following their No�l Coward opening at Toronto?s Royal Alexandra Theatre the other night ? that would have been the post-break-a-leg bash held at South of Temperance.

Here! There!
Being Erica was in Rosedale over the weekend. That is to say, our friendly neighbourhood TV time-traveller Erin Karpluck was eye-spied at Le Petit Castor thereabouts.

?F. Scott Fitzgerald? meets ?Frank Sinatra? meets ?Gordon Gekko?: the style-diagnosis given to dashing Toronto hotelier Tony Cohen in Toronto Life?s new Style Handbook. One of his own hard-and-fast fashion rules: ?Never let them see you sweat ? even when wearing layers.?

On for next Tuesday: A dinner! A party! Even a concert! All in the name of Topshop?s fast fashion encroachment into Canada. Sir Philip Green, the non-boring billionaire retailer, will be swooping in personally for all the Toronto festivities.

? Email: | Twitter: shinangovani

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Jennifer Knapp: The Courage to Speak Out: Reclaiming Queer Faith

To say that Christianity has a troubled public image when dealing with the LGBT community is an understatement. Thanks to a vocal minority of conservative American church leaders, domestic Christianity appears to be synonymous with homophobia and bigotry. For far too long, some obscenely loud church “leaders” have been allowed to lazily paint the queer of our society as a blight on God’s good Earth. What started as a childish jibe, “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” has exploded into hateful and abusive assertions such as naming AIDS the punishment from God for queer wickedness. Such theologies and rhetoric have left in its wake a good number of straight and queer folk who been minimized, shamed and angered that such a use has been made of their faith. No wonder many Christians consider distancing themselves from religion, much in the same way as Anne Rice did last year, when she denounced the religion of Christianity (but not her faith).

For a religion whose pursuit of love has primacy, it seems unthinkable that any workable theology could endorse a practice that would in any way encourage a devout mother to tell her own queer child to douse herself in gasoline and set herself alight. In or out of the church, this type of behavior is extremely abusive. But the truth of the matter remains, the acts of some so-called “Christians” have tarnished what is to many of its followers a peaceable, inclusive faith.

So why on God’s green Earth would any queer person (or straight person, for that matter) want to hold on to such a faith? To attempt to understand, it seems important to make the distinction between spiritual practice itself and the people who practice it. For many, including me, Christianity it is the native language by which we engage our spiritual selves. Whether culturally born into it, raised as Christian by one’s family, or adopting the faith by choice, it is a very personal journey that has written itself into the fabric of our personalities as irrevocably as our own sexuality. I can no more adequately explain to an atheist my persistent gravitation to matters of faith than I can my sexuality to a homophobe. The driving question is, will I be allowed to navigate these mysteries with freedom and the companionship of friends, or will I be required to live out my days under the authority of a religious dictatorship?

Here is the truth: “coming out” from the “closet” can be a deeply psychological and spiritual journey. It should not be surprising, nor overlooked, that many who have found themselves struggling for personal identity and self-worth should return to their spiritual communities for support.

The good news is that there is growing support within religious communities of all brands. Many Christians are beginning to recognize, apologize and facilitate LGBT people of faith with strengthened voice. Mainline Christian denominations such as the Episcopal church, the ELCA, Metropolitan Community Churches and Disciples of Christ are just a few of the recognized institutions of faith that are fostering, funding and acting out a progressive vision of inclusion and support.

If the adage is true that evil persists because good people say nothing, then let those who have fostered such debilitating anti-gay rhetoric be put on notice. Gay Christians are pushing back, reclaiming their faith and standing up for their legitimacy to pursue God. Straight allies, clergy, divinity schools and just plain, ordinary Christian folk are no longer content to sit idly by and let the attenuated, conservative few dictate the terms of how anyone should proceed in their faith.

It is precisely because LGBTs have not lost their faith that this has become an issue. We have refused to be marginalized. We have ceased to be insignificant. We have been valuable friends, families and leaders in our churches. We have added to the spiritual conversation: Who am I that God would be mindful of me? We have brought honor to that conversation and the church is listening.

Believe it or not, many Christians are learning from their mistakes. Though some congregations and denominations persist in the practice of removing any in their ranks that would support queer spirituality, others have stepped up and acted with compassion and open-mindedness. The result of LGBTs coming out of the closet not only in terms of sexuality but also with their spirituality has led to amazing dialogue, healing and strengthened church communities.

Just a few faith-centered organizations engaged in the dialogue include Human Rights Campaign: Religion & Faith, the United Methodist Reconciling Ministries Network, Association of Welcome and Affirming Baptists, Gay Christian Network, The Marin Foundation, Believe Out Loud and Faith in America. All are great starting places for educational resources as well as networking to find a local church. Gay or straight, these folks are waiting to hear from you as you share your stories, concerns and needs.

While, for many, the costs remain high, it is vital that those who can speak do so. By sharing what we have been through, we honor those who seek to right the wrongs we have endured. By sharing our story, we create opportunity and sanctuary for those who are still gaining strength. By listening and believing in the journeys that we share, you give us permission to continue to have faith, hope and love.

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ABC?s ?Happy Endings?: Five reasons to love it!


Image Credit: Mitch Haddad/ABC

When Happy Endings premiered last spring, the obvious dig on the show was that it was yet another collection of six twenty-to-thirtysomething friends who spend their half hour on our television nattering comically about their relationships with their shocking large amount of free time. Which, in fairness, it is. Happy Endings even has a played-out will-they-or-won?t-they premise: A year ago, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) left Dave (Zachary Knighton) at the altar. But because their core group of friends is so tight-knit ? Alex?s uptight sister Jane (Eliza Coupe), her easy-going husband Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.), and their college buddies, kind-of-a-mess Penny (Casey Wilson) and slovenly-straight-acting gay dude Max (Adam Pally) ? Alex and Dave have maintained a warm-if-tricky friendship?that may be hiding something more!

Yeah, I know, it?s like network romcom Mad Libs.�And yet next to The Good Wife, I don?t know if there?s another returning show I?m more excited about this season. Tonight?s season 2 premiere was a great example as to why. Let me count the ways:

1. Its whip-fast, pop-cultured, bust-a-gut-funny dialogue:

Alex and Max are watching TV, but Max is upset because Brad ditched their black-and-white movie night (i.e. buddy action movies with black and white male heroes)
Max, why do we keep watching the same Lethal Weapon scene over and over again?
Max:�Because I lost my Murtaugh.
Alex:�I don?t understand most of what my friends say.

Encouraged by Jane to be more honest with each other, Alex and Dave start a cascade of oversharing.
Alex: You know those stupid webbed barefoot running socks? They weren?t bad for your calves. They were bad for my ability to want to have sex with you.
Dave: Oh! Okay. Richard Gere is not a Hurricane Katrina denier.
Alex: What?
Dave: I just said that to you so we wouldn?t have to watch Pretty Woman for the 74th time.

Penny, freaked out that the condo she just bought on her own will turn her into a spinster:�Is it cold in here? I need a house coat and a hot tea with lemon. Should I get an AOL email address? WHAT?S HAPPENING TO ME?

2. It?s happy to be absurd, but at just the right amount:�That rant from Penny is brought on by the discovery that her new condo has seemingly spawned a cat she doesn?t own. She later returns to find her apartment riddled with cats, and her DVR filled with The View and The Good Wife, which are shows for ?lonely women who talk to themselves!? (Hey, wait a minute?) After spiraling into a depression that includes regular, couch, and floor pints of ice cream, Penny learns one of her new neighbors has trained his cats ?to crawl into vents, and open windows.? Of course!

3. It recognizes the black character is, in fact, black:�The reason Brad keeps ducking out on his man dates with Max is because he needs to hang with some fellow black friends once and a while. ?I need to take a break from talking about NPR, recycling, and that awesome chest pass Steve Nash made,? he says. I mean, who wouldn?t? (P.S. If Wayans seems exponentially more funny on this show than he was in the series premiere of New Girl�? which Wayans left when Happy Endings�was picked up for a second season ? maaaybe it?s because Happy Endings�isn?t built around the kewpie personality of a single indie film darling who decided her older sister had the right idea about heading up an eponymous Fox TV series.)*

4. This song

5. It has a lot of heart ? and homo-eroticism:�In the end, these friends come together and have each others? backs in a way that feels like an only slightly heightened version of my own group of friends. (Unlike, say, the characters that make up totally-great-I?m-not-dissing-them-at-all-I?m-merely-making-a-comparison shows like Community,�Parks and Recreation, or 30 Rock.) Plus, when Max and Brad reconcile and hug it out, they share this exchange:

Max:�You sure you?re not on the low?
Brad: [Leans back and smiles]�It?s my cell phone, man.

Basically what I?m trying to say is that Happy Endings is like my new Scrubs, minus the hospital, and plus an actual gay dude. If that sentence makes you happy, then this show is definitely for you. Who?s with me?

*This parenthetical was written by my snark demon, Smirkelstiltskin. I could never hate on the star of one of my favorite non-romantic romantic comedies, (500) Days of Summer. Actually, I think Smikel?s just jealous, since his guest dungeon has the same wallpaper as those ubiquitous New Girl�ads.

Follow Adam on Twitter @adambvary

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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

Women think a lot of men are indecipherable. How can you tell whether he likes you or not?

Hot Momma Gossip

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Airline: Actress wasn?t booted for lesbian kiss

Leisha Hailey (l.) and Camila Grey admitted to using profane language on a flight Sunday.

Amanda Edwards/Getty

Leisha Hailey (l.) and Camila Grey admitted to using profane language on a flight Sunday.

Talk about a bumpy flight!

Things haven’t died down yet for 40-year-old actress and musician Leisha Hailey and her girlfriend, Uh Huh Her bandmate Camila Grey, who were escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight Sunday.

Southwest says it was the couple’s “aggressive reaction” to a flight attendant and not their public display of affection that got them kicked off the plane.


The incident first came to light when Hailey tweeted, “I have been discriminated against by @SouthwestAir. Flt. attendant said that it was a ‘family’ airline and kissing was not ok.”

But Southwest is biting back.

The airline released a statement Tuesday saying, “Reports from our employees and customers onboard Flight 2274 during a stop in El Paso on Sunday now confirm profane language was being used loudly by two passengers,” referring to Hailey and her partner.


“At least one family who was offended by the loud profanity moved to another area of the cabin,” the statement said.

“Although we have reports of what customers characterize as an excessive public display of affection, ultimately their aggressive reaction led to their removal from the aircraft.”

In a statement released Tuesday, Hailey and Grey admitted to getting riled up after a flight attendant chided them for kissing.

“We take full responsibility for getting verbally upset with the flight attendant after being told it was a ‘family airline,’” the couple said.


“We were never told the reason the flight attendant approached us, we were only scolded that we ‘needed to be aware that Southwest Airlines was a family oriented airline.’”

The couple said they still plan to file a formal complaint with the airline.

Hopefully, both parties can come to an understanding and this turbulence can end soon.

Daily News – Gossip

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Celebrities and airplanes sometimes don?t mix

Leisha Hailey isn?t the first ? or the last, most likely ? celebrity to be kicked off a flight for behavior an airline deems inappropriate. The former L Word star was escorted off a Southwest plane, she Tweeted, for being too amorous with her female flying companion. That?s the first we?ve heard of getting into trouble for PDA, but we have seen our share of shenanigans over the last few years. But usually the celebs in trouble were trying to carry a gun onboard ( Christian Slater, Dennis Farina, Jerry Lewis and Spencer Pratt immediately come to mind).

Some other glitterati who didn?t earn their wings:

Billie Joe Armstrong: Earlier this month, the Green Day singer?s saggy pants cost him a jaunt between Oakland and Burbank, Calif. Southwest reportedly gave the rocker some hefty miles for his fashion faux pas. When director Kevin Smith got ditched for taking up too much room on this persnickety airline, he ended up losing weight, so maybe there was a positive message?

Gerard Depardieu: Last month, the actor oui-oui-ed in the aisle of an Air France jet after staffers told him he had to wait to use the facilities. The Frenchman had been drinking and blamed a weak prostate for the ?accident.??

Josh Duhamel: Last December the hunk was escorted off a US Airways NYC-Kentucky flight for refusing to stop texting (?Fergie, I?m gonna be late,?? perhaps?). A passenger later said Duhamel was ?taunting the attendant.??

Russell Brand: Last year at LAX, the funnyman punched a photographer who tried to take a pic up wife Katy Perry?s dress. Brand was hauled off and charged with battery. The pic never saw the light of day.

Ivana Trump: Around the holidays in 2009, the ex Mrs. Donald was escorted down the plank at Palm Beach International Airport when she cursed out loud children. This kind of thing goes on in coach, but first class?

Some high-profile passengers never even made it aboard, like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has issues with flying. United Airlines banned the Irish actor for life in 2009 because of his tipsy behavior before boarding an early a.m. flight at JFK. He also reportedly used a racial slur (accent on slur). Two years earlier, Meyers was charged with public drunkenness and ?breach of the peace?? at Dublin Airport.

2008 was quite a year for three traveling actresses: Bai Ling got snagged at LAX for stealing $ 16 worth of magazines from a kiosk; Nikki Blonsky and her father were arrested on assault charges following a brawl with the family of America?s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden at the Turks and Caicos airport; and Mackenzie Phillips was arrested at LAX when TSA workers found heroin and cocaine on her person.

Oh, behave!

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Linnocent is making $500K to ?model? and bone her boss


So, over the past few days, we?ve been inundated with photos of Linnocent in Italy, living the cracked-out dream as a ?model? (?escort?). I?ve noticed in photo after photo that Linnocent seems to be very friendly and touchy-feely with the dude who hired her for his campaign, Philipp Plein. I didn?t think much of it because I just thought it was obvious that Linnocent was sleeping with (or trying to sleep with) pretty much any guy with money that she meets. I was surprised to hear yesterday that Linnocent and Philipp hadn?t met in person before he hired her as his crackie spokesmodel, which ruined my theory that Linnocent had hustled this modeling gig for herself while ?working? in New York. But, as a new report suggests, now that Linnocent has come face-to-face with Philipp, it?s true love. If ?true love? means ?some kind of sketchy prostitution scheme hatched by Mother Crackhead?.

Lindsay Lohan was recently linked to multimillionaire hotelier Vikram Chatwal, but it seems that rumored rendezvous is already yesterday’s news. According to a well-placed source, the troubled star is now ?hooking up? with famed German designer Philipp Plein, who brought her to Italy just last Friday to front his 2012 line.

?Lindsay has been staying in Philipp?s room every night since she arrived,? an insider told FOX411?s Pop Tarts column. ?There?s a lot of chemistry there.?

A rep for Plein did not respond to a request for comment, and a rep for Lohan denied the two were dating. Nathan Folks, producer and co-founder with Cassandra Gava in Twisted Sister/Twisted Games Entertainment, the company which facilitated the fashion deal, also said he was ?unaware? of any association between the pair beyond work.

Pop Tarts also learned Lohan, who hasn?t secured a lead acting role in years, is making close to half a million dollars for the modeling gig and its associated appearances. But given her wild reputation, it didn?t come easily.

?It took two months of various negotiations because people were hesitant to hire her,? said a source close to the deal. ?But Plein is really happy with Lindsay; she loves the clothes and is working really hard and doing a great job.?

And this isn?t the only European escapade in Lohan?s immediate future.

?We are very happy that she is working on the campaign and expect many more in the upcoming months including a potential trip to Russia in October to meet Russian diplomats,” Folks added. “This is more of our effort to engage Lindsay in more European endeavors. They seem to be able to look beyond the past and realize everyone has a setback.”

“Lindsay is dead set on reviving her film career and modeling career,” Folks added. “We are proud of her. Her comeback has begun.”

[From Fox News]

For half a million and some coke, I would probably be spending the night with him too, so let?s just be honest here. I can?t even believe that Linnocent still makes that kind of dough as a model – that?s so much more shocking than the idea that she?s boning her boss. By the way, there are photos of Linnocent and Philipp walking hand-in-crack-fist here, at the Mail. It looks coupley to me. I wonder how quickly Linnocent is going to mess this up? Shoplifting in Milan? Coke binge arrest in Como? International incident at the airport?





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